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Hallowell Ventilator Service

Hallowell ventilator service includes:

  • A visual inspection to verify that none of the components are broken, missing, dented, etc.
  • Verification of the following controls and alarms:
        -Maximum working pressure limit alarm
        -Low breathing system pressure alarm
        -Low gas supply alarm
        -Flow control valve
        -Rate control
  • Cleaning the pop-off valve seat and flap.
  • Verification of the pop-off valve opening pressure.
  • Cleaning and lubricating the bellows housing(s).

Any repair of the electronic circuitry requires shipping the ventilator to the manufacturer.


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"...my goal is to employ the best vendors available to calibrate and maintain our equipment in peak condition.  Pam Bellamy and Harry Latshaw are members of an organization that combines vast knowledge in their field and quality service, which compels Charles River Laboratories to list Vetamac as a preferred vendor."

Karen Arlington, A.S., RVT, LATG
Charles River Laboratories
Spencerville, Ohio