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Oxygen and Waste Gas Evacuation System Consultations

Our 54 years of experience in anesthesia allow us to provide our clients expert knowledge.

  Whether you're building new or remodeling an existing clinic, Vetamac can help you plan an oxygen system to meet your specific needs.  We have everything you need to equip your new facility with a central oxygen system, including ceiling and wall outlets, and manifold systems.  We will consult with your contractor regarding any questions concerning oxygen systems and waste anesthetic gas evacuations. 
Manifold System  Vetamac is a distributor for Western Enterprises giving us access to a variety of medical gas products, manifolds & controls in a timely manner.  We can provide a variety of quick connect fittings for oxygen, nitrous oxide, air and suction.  We can provide for all of your medical gas needs from the wall to the patient!  Contact us early to help with the layout and design of your new facility.  

Please check our web store to see our full selection of oxygen system components.

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"...when we decided to install a central oxygen tank with fittings at the several stations where we use anesthesia, Vetamac was an invaluable resource, providing information and instructions, specialized fittings and hardware, and installation assistance.  They discussed the needed plumbing installations with our contractor, and assisted with the final transition to central oxygen for us.  The project was completed without a hitch."

Dr. Cheryl Haass
Woodland Animal Health Center
Seymour, Wisconsin