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Monitoring of Waste Gases

The Halogenated Anesthetic Vapor Monitor can be used to measure personal exposure or room concentrations of isoflurane and sevoflurane.

The American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists has established an exposure limit of 50 ppm as an 8 hour time-weight average.  OSHA does not have its own standard, but generally adopts the limits of the ACGIH.

The organic vapor monitoring badge uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for easy collection of organic vapors.  For personal exposure, clip the badge near the breathing zone.  For room exposure, place it at about breathing level.

The maximum recommended exposure period for the vapor monitor is 8 hours.  The badge can be used for shorter periods, such as one continuous surgical procedure or during successive patients when these anesthetics are used.  The badge is mailed to an independent laboratory.  Results are sent to the return address and are generally available within 48 hours.

See our store to purchase the monitoring badges.

If you're concerned about personnel who could potentially be exposed, please visit the 3M website and search for 3M Organic Vapor Respirators 5000 Series. 

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