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Anesthetic Machine Services

Prevent Costly Rescheduling of procedures due to a machine being out of service.

Anesthetic Machine Service includes:Service

A verification and test of the following components on the machine:

  • High and low pressure circuits.
  • Flowmeter and oxygen flush valve.
  • Rebreathing circuit and accessories.
  • Non-rebreathing circuit and accessories.
  • Gas evacuation system.
  • Overall condition of the machine.

A pressure test of the following components:

  • High and low pressure circuits.
  • Breathing circuit and one way valves.
  • Vaporizer (internal and external).

A calibration check of each vaporizer including the following:

  • Visual examination of the vaporizer.
  • Verification of the vaporizer output through the full range of settings.

Replacement parts as needed.


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"His knowledge and his periodic checkups on our anesthetic machines give us peace of mind, knowing our equipment is functioning properly."

Dr. Dave Austin and Dr. Lisa Preston
St. John Animal Clinic
St. John, Indiana